Chair Fabric Replacement

About Our Chair Fabric Replacement

Have a favorite outdoor chair that just doesn’t look as nice as when you first got it? Not to worry, Atlantic Covers and Beyond has got you “covered!” At Atlantic Covers and Beyond, our specialists can replace the ruined fabric of your favorite outdoor chairs with high-quality, water, mildew, and UV-resistant fabrics, to give your products the clean “glow” that they once had.

NOTE: due to stitching directly into the fabric the product may become water resistant but not necessarily “water-proof.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The warranties on the fabrics for the covers vary between 3-8 years. Be sure to ask your Atlantic Covers and Beyond sales associate about your warranty when ordering.

Yes, all of our covers are waterproof, mildew-proof, and UV- resistant. However, without proper care, the longevity of these guarantees may vary.

The best thing you can do to preserve the usage of your cover is to eliminate pools of water that may build on the fabric. Although our fabrics are waterproof, prolonged exposure can prove to cause damage to the fabrics’ strength as well as resistance to mildew.

Depending on demand at the time of your order, you should expect to get your cover anytime between 2-3 weeks after ordering.

Our covers come with a large variety of anchoring methods. Depending on your specifications and needs we can provide zippers, weights, ties, clips, and many more options. Be sure to ask about anchoring when talking with your Atlantic Covers and Beyond sales associate.

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